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About Benjamin

Benjamin comes from a rural area in the Eastern province of Rwanda. Benjamin was raised by a single mother as his father passed away before he was born. When Benjamin was 16, his mother developed multiple chronic illnesses, one of which being diabetes. His mother required a change in diet to products such as honey. Apart from these products being expensive and unaffordable, it was also hard to find natural ones, especially pure honey. This motivated Benjamin to find a way to help his mother and many other people in his community to get pure honey.

Benjamin decided to save his pocket money during the holiday. He bought two beehives at $12 and hung them in a tree near their house. After three months, he was able to harvest 8Kg and it helped his mother. Benjamin slowly but surely increased the number of hives and harvest of honey and was able to provide to the rest of the community. This was the start of Kaso.

A “bee” story

Kaso produces organic products which are used primarily for consumption and secondarily for beauty. Kaso was founded to produce honey at an affordable price so that more diabetic people could access it and later grew into a brand producing multiple essential oils and agriproducts. Their biggest products include; honey, bee-wax pharmaceuticals, avo-oils and more.

Kaso’s training program trains beekeepers on how to increase honey output. Their training has successfully enabled beekeepers to get their honey ready in 3-4 months instead of 6 and produce a larger quantity per harvest. Kaso has provided products to over 500 people and to many other businesses.

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