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About Bassim-swe

Bassim-swé Hugues BAMASSI, a 21-years old entrepreneur from Togo. 

Transition into Entrepreneurship

Hugues Bassim-swé BAMASSI was born to a taxi driver father and a cook mother. He lost his father when he was young, which cost him his childhood because he had to work as an ambulant salesman to support himself. He was passionate about medicine and saw his dream transform into entrepreneurship after falling ill in his senior year. Like him, many people were hospitalized, but there were no services to help them shop or buy medicine. So, he decided that if there were a service that could assist them with their shopping, it would be a huge help. He then first attempted to launch his delivery company in September 2020 but it failed due to a lack of resources and preparation. In 2021 he launched his courier company with better research and preparation.

Business Information

H-Express courier is a courier company that transports meals, packages, and goods to households. To contribute to environmental protection, it uses bicycles to deliver meals and packages weighing less than 15kg; for parcels weighing more than 15kg, a motorcycle or a tricycle is used. They use WhatsApp to connect their customers to their services because it is accessible to most people. 


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