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Safi Pads
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Barclay Paul is a serial entrepreneur from Kenya who is constantly coming up with ideas and acting on them as he sees fit. Coming from a community ravaged by war and election violence, Paul has seen a multitude of issues that need resolving in his community, but the one that he is focused on currently is sanitary towels for women.

This venture is called Safi Pads and is aimed at providing inexpensive, reusable, washable sanitary towels for women. He saw that the prices on these towels were simply too expensive for families strapped for cash resources so he and his team developed a product that could help thousands of women, while still turning a profit. His reusable sanitary towels save a large percentage of families’ budgets and make the lives of many of customers more enjoyable in the process.

Shortly after the Prize, Barclay Paul  received $18,000 in additional funding from Higher Circle Silicon Valley, as well as a trip to Palo Alto, California.

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