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Aesthetic Dosage
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About Ayanda

Ayanda is a law student with a profound passion for the arts. She graduated from an art school where she immersed herself in dance, drawing, and music. Ayanda values art as a means of self-expression and has a particular affinity for hands-on activities like crocheting and creating clothing. She is dedicated to making a meaningful impact through her art projects, whether they involve drawings or fashion statements.

Transition into Entrepreneurship

Ayanda’s journey into entrepreneurship was driven by a commitment to creativity, financial freedom, and the ambition to leave a lasting impact for future generations. Growing up in a household with a ‘Tent Hire Business,’ she witnessed firsthand the value of having multiple income streams. Her father, a teacher by profession, would hire out tents, tables, and chairs on weekends to supplement the family’s income. Ayanda and her sisters often helped him with the business, learning the ropes of running a business.

These experiences instilled in Ayanda the importance of financial independence. She realised early on the potential and necessity of diversifying income sources. This foundational lesson fueled her desire to be financially free and seize every opportunity for growth. The entrepreneurial spirit she observed in her parents’ work inspired Ayanda to launch Aesthetic Dosage, her clothing business. She dreams of creating a legacy through her brand, aspiring to be an employer and not just an employee.

Business Profile

Aesthetic Dosage is a clothing business that came to life in 2022. The business idea started taking shape when Ayanda was still in high school, inspired by a dream of creating a clothing brand as renowned as Nike or Puma. Aesthetic Dosage specialises in handmade crochet items, including hats, bags, and t-shirts, all crafted from wool.  The business has seen steady growth, driven by Ayanda’s commitment to her craft and her creative pursuits.  This business has been a journey of discovery and creativity for Ayanda, who has realised her passion for the fashion industry grows stronger as she learns more about it.

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