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About Aseitu

Aseitu describes herself as a passionate and resilient emerging community developer and an agripreneur. She is currently a final year student at the University for Development Studies -Reading, completing her Bachelor of Science in biochemistry.

Aseitu started working within the agricultural sector at the very young age of 11, giving her over 10 years of experience in the cultivation and sales of vegetables. Growing up in a rural community called Baleofile in the upper west region of Ghana, Aseitu witnessed the majority of people in her community malnourished. After losing her close friend and developing blurred vision due to vitamin deficiency, Aseitu relentlessly sought ways of supporting the people of her community with healthy foods whilst creating employment. This led to the start of her entrepreneurial journey and the birth of Kobaa-Ok-Enterprises.

An array of fresh vegetable, with a side of pepper

Kobaa-Ok Enterprise produces organic and fresh vegetables such as cabbage and green pepper. The vegetables are cultivated throughout the year using clean water from wells which have been drilled at vantage points on the farm. They also process pepper and tomatoes into powder form.

In addition, the business provides consultancy and training services on vegetable farming and vegetable processing. Kobaa has an active business development strategy, engaging with potential clients through fairs, exhibitions, social networks, and phone calls.

The business is currently working on developing an application through which their customers can place orders for vegetables and other services.


Anzisha Prize announces 20 finalists for Very Young African Entrepreneurs 2020



The annual competition is the brainchild of the African Leadership Academy and Mastercard Foundation. This year's edition will come to a close at the Anzisha Prize Conference to hold on October 27, 2020.


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