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About Angela 

An INSCAE graduate with a Bachelor of Business Administration, 21-year-old Angela Andriantsoa Razafindravonona is currently in her fourth year of a Commerce and Marketing distance learning course with UPRIM. Her love of her beautiful native Madagascar has inspired her to want to make the world a better place. Being a firm believer in dreaming big and achieving your goals, Angela wants to inspire young people to do the same. With her passion to redesign Malagasy fashion, Ascent was born. Angela possesses a clear vision and strong leadership qualities which have led her to head her team enthusiastically. 


Transition into Entrepreneurship 

In 2019, Angela ventured into a business with a friend through her passion for management, but in 2020, that business did not flourish. Despite this, her vision, determination, and ambition propelled her to try again in 2021, this time with something that was particularly close to her heart – fashion.


Business Information 

Ascent focuses on women’s clothing and is based in Madagascar. These low-cost clothes sold to young Malagasy women are created from scratch by the Ascent team – from fabric selection to assembling. The brand affords Malagasy women to keep up with the ever-evolving fashion trends while retaining that Malagasy authenticity.  Their main medium of sales is Instagram, where they accept orders and deliver. The company promotes collaboration through diverse skills.

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