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Aminata Becanty Coulibaly

Consumer Products
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YCote d'Ivoire

About Aminata

Aminata is a 22-year-old Ivorian entrepreneur who is currently pursuing a degree in marketing and management. She has a passion for equality and ensuring women in rural areas are financially independent by helping them build thriving sustainable businesses. Aminata is a visionary leader that has clear, smart objectives she wants to achieve.

Transition into Entrepreneurship 

From an early age, Aminata has been keen on improving her community. With a background in marketing and management, she transitioned into entrepreneurship while studying at university. She founded her business L’Africaine to encourage people to buy locally produced beauty products. 

Business Profile

Aminata founded L’Africaine in 2021. L’Africaine is an online shop that sells locally produced skin and hair products. The products are created by women in rural communities and then refined and sold on the company’s website. Aminata hopes that L’Africaine will be a point of reference for other businesses who choose to promote and sell locally crafted goods. 

Media & Milestones

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