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About Ali Ould

Ali ould Mohamed was born into a modest family in northern Mali in the region of Gao where he completed his primary studies. In 2013, he discovered his leadership potential and his passion to help other people in low-income households. This led him to start his first business which was an association called African Power Training (youth and entrepreneurship) in 2018 and in 2020, he formalised his business.

Transition into Entrepreneurship

After completing his university studies through a diploma in 2016, he created his company without any knowledge of entrepreneurship. Due to his resilience and committed personality, he joined different entrepreneurship training programmes and workshops that were the foundations of his current business, Crea-couture.

Business Profile

Crea-couture is a company based in Timbuktu which currently focuses on the production of a clothes (pants, skirt, shirt, and suits for men and women); they re-design accessories such as handbags, bracelets, shoes and caps through local fabrics. They also provide additional decoration to household items such as sheets, cushions and tablecloths.  as well as the sale of all types of textile fabrics in the raw state and finished products. The business also provides training in haberdashery to their employees.


Top 26 Young Entrepreneurs in Africa Selected for New Three-Year Anzisha Prize Fellowships

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JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, October 20, 2021/APO Group/ -- The Anzisha Prize (AnzishaPrize.org) has revealed their top 26 entrepreneurs for 2021. The entrepreneurs, who are between the ages of 18 and 22, will each receive more than US$5,000 in funding and more than US$15,000 worth of venture building support services over three years, which are aligned with the prestigious fellowship’s new structure of enabling young people to receive the financial and mentoring support they need to succeed.

Top 26 Young Entrepreneurs in Africa Selected for New Three-Year Anzisha Prize Fellowships



The 2021 Anzisha Fellows were selected from hundreds of applications across the Africa, and passed multiple stages of vetting and evaluation. Applicants were from countries such as Mali, Togo, South Africa, and Madagascar and running businesses in education, health, agriculture, manufacturing, energy, and beauty. These young Africans are demonstrating how it’s possible to pursue entrepreneurship as career in the face of the pandemic.


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