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About Alaa

At an early age, Alaa had a passion for business. In 2016, she participated in Eyouth where she co-founded and headed her first project “Fettrah”-a project aimed at teaching different skills to people with mental disabilities. After Fettrah, Alaa also went on to co-found CFI “Camps for intelligent”, an organisation targeting youth aged 12 to 17 to teach them new skills that traditional schools were not focusing on. CFI focused on skills such as art and design, android and web design, and different languages. Through CFI, Alaa and her team were able to cater to more than 70 young individuals. Alaa continued to mix her passion for business with community engagement. Post-2017, Alaa worked as a community manager for a Cloud co-working space, one of the leading business hubs in Al Minya, Egypt. Combining all her experience, Alaa then co-founded Presto.

Known to deliver

Presto is an automated, delivery system that connects Vendors with customers and suppliers. Presto provides a crowd-sourced network of delivery agents for home & small businesses, making it easy for them to request an agent to deliver their products. They also provide a marketplace for them to list their on-demand products. Presto serves over 300 stores and merchants in over 2 cities.


Africa: Celebrating Its Tenth Year, the Anzisha Prize Awards Its Top Honour to 21-Year-Old Egyptian Entrepreneur



With a pool of talented finalists from more than 15 African countries, the 2020 Anzisha Prize – the premier award for Africa's youngest entrepreneurs – goes to Alaa Moatamed, a young female entrepreneur whose venture provides business owners with an affordable and convenient delivery service for customers. EdTech entrepreneur Matina Razafimahefa, 22, from Madagascar emerged as the first runner up ($15,000), while 22-year-old infrastructure entrepreneur, Mohamed Bah from Sierra Leone, was the second runner up ($12,500). Alaa Moatamed, Co-Founder of Presto, a leading delivery management service, takes home the $25,000 Grand Prize


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