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Supreme Sparkle
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About Agbor-Ebai

Agbor-Ebai is from Cameroon. She is currently an accounting student at the University of Buea. By pursuing a degree in accounting, she hopes to learn how to research and analyze accounting data and reports in order to make better financial decisions. Her first experience in the business sector was working for a company called Santa Lucia and selling items in her mother’s food retail business.

As an aspiring accountant and entrepreneur, Frida seeks to make the world a better place by using her knowledge and skills to ensure her business can have a noticeable impact on her community.


A day at the spa

Supreme Sparkle, is a multifaceted business that offers tailoring, salon and spa services. The business is dedicated to providing quality products and services for its customers, as well as an enjoyable experience at an affordable rate. The company mostly generates revenue through hairdressing, manicure/pedicure and makeup services, but also through the sale of beauty products (hair oil, mesh, nails) and African fashion dresses.

The business also offers free training to young people. This program provides training to at least 8 Cameroonians every six months in the beauty care sector and aims to reach less privileged youth such as orphans and refugees.


Mastercard: Anzisha Prize top 20 young African entrepreneurs

Business Chief


In an announcement made by Anzisha Prize Conference - a partnership between African Leadership Academy and Mastercard Foundation - the fellowship revealed its top 20 finalists for its 2020 young entrepreneurs cohort.


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