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Mosquito trapping + Emergency LED light Bulb
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About Adjei

Adjeiwaa Nyamekye is the third born from a family of 6 children. Adjei is currently a final year student at Ghana National College, completing her Degree in Science. She is extremely gifted in product innovation and is the youngest of our 2020 cohort. She grew up riddled with the pain of losing 3 family members including her mom, to Malaria. Determined to reduce the spread of malaria, so that other’s don’t have to face the same grief as she did, she started her Energy Efficiency Initiative.

A lightbulb a day keeps the mosquitoes away

The Mosquito trapping + Emergency LED light Bulb initiative is aimed at eradicating malaria from the African continent while improving productivity at night during power outages.

Adjeiwaa designed the Mosquito trapping + Emergency LED Bulbs as a solution. The mosquito trapping + emergency led bulbs have specialized resistors that attract mosquitoes to the bulb, with the architecture of the casing, trapping these attracted mosquitoes. A 9V battery is inserted into the bulb to store energy to produce light during power outages for up to 12 hours.

To date, the business has sold over 20 000 units of mosquito trapping and emergency led light bulbs.


Anzisha Prize – Giving Young African Entrepreneurs A Chance

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This year’s 20 finalists represent important sectors ranging from agriculture to manufacturing and education. Notably, their businesses are 45 per cent female-owned and are tackling critical issues in their communities while still managing to turn a profit. Among them is 20-year-old Kenyan Wilfred Chege who founded Shulemall in 2018, an e-commerce platform for students in boarding school; Egyptian Alaa Moatamed, 21, co-founder of Presto, a leading delivery management platform in her country; and the youngest, Ghanaian Adjei Nyamekye who at only 17, founded Mosquito Trapping and Emergency LED Bulbs Initiative to help curb the problem of Malaria.


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