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Adham Ashraf Hamed

Posidonia Oceania
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About Adham

Entrepreneur, YouTuber, and co-founder of Posidonia Ocenia, Adham is dedicated to inspiring students to study and succeed. Through his motivational videos, he encourages young learners to embrace purpose and determination. Additionally, he created a short course on Udemy, teaching Arab students basic programming skills to unlock new opportunities in the field.

Transition into Entrepreneurship

Beyond education, Adham founded the Shagaf Initiative, aiming to help children discover their passions. By introducing them to various academic disciplines, the initiative nurtures curiosity and encourages them to pursue their interests wholeheartedly. Adham’s multifaceted efforts exemplify his commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of students and children, fostering success and creativity in their chosen fields.

Business Profile

Posidonia Oceania is an innovative start-up that pioneers the recycling of deceased seagrass into eco-friendly decorations, accessories, and furniture. Through a unique process, they transform lifeless seagrass into durable POC boards, a raw material with the strength of wood. Their products range from phone cases to tables and chairs, showcasing the limitless potential of repurposing seagrass. With a focus on sustainability and zero emissions, Posidonia Oceania leads the way in environmentally conscious manufacturing. The business has generated nearly $1000 since inception.

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