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Abubakar Sadick Fuseini

Quick Step Shippers
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About Abubakar 

Abubakar is a 22-year-old entrepreneur who is currently studying Technology in Procurement and Supply chain management at Kumasi Technical University in Ghana. He is passionate about solving some of Africa’s biggest issues through technology and hopes that other young people are inspired to start their own entrepreneurial journey.

Transition into Entrepreneurship 

Abubakar’s entrepreneurial journey started immediately after high school. He developed the idea of his business Quick Step Shippers after he noticed that individuals and companies struggled to ship and receive shipments from overseas territories. With minimal knowledge of the entrepreneurial landscape, Abubakar had to rely on research from the internet and those around him. 

Business Profile

Abubaker founded Quick Step Shippers in 2019. Quick Step Shippers is a courier and logistics delivery company based in Ghana. It seeks to be the go-to delivery service provider in his sub-region. The services the venture provides include but are not limited to corporate deliveries, individual deliveries, domestic errands, hospital deliveries, food and consumables, delivery of parcels to schools, boarding facilities, and general delivery and courier services. 

Media & Milestones

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