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Abdulwhab Mohamed

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About Abdulwhab 

Abdulwhab is a hard worker and a big believer in youth empowerment. He is a mechanical power senior graduate. He aims to impact youth, encourage them to explore entrepreneurship and train them as well.


Transition into Entrepreneurship 

Abdulwhab believes hard work gets you everything, and so he had many summer jobs and participated in many societies in order to learn more and earn money to help support his family. He did sewing, selling sweets, hotel server, librarian, student activist, student association, and many more jobs. Through this, he developed a love for entrepreneurship. One day his mum asked him to clean the water tank at home and after that, he had the idea to sell this service to earn money. He put up a post on Facebook and that was when Al-Farsy was born. He took a break to complete his school but has since returned to run Al-Farsy on a full-time basis. 


Business Profile 

Al-Farsy is a water tank cleaning service based in Egypt, North of Sinai. They service residential homes by draining, cleaning and facilitating refilling of the tanks. There is a high demand, because a lot of houses use water tanks in his area due to unstable supply of water. Cleaning of tanks is important because bacteria, algae, birds and bugs get into the water tank and contaminate the water leading to various illnesses. Draining and cleaning a tank is very labour intensive and takes quite some time and this is what Al-Farsy is trying to address. 

COVID 19 opened his customers eyes to health and sanitation needs and so more people made use of the services. In his community there is a lack of servicing and cleaning residential water tanks, this is his key offering. Additionally, given the size of his business, he is able to work on his client’s schedule and factor in the government water supply schedule to make sure his clients are minimally impacted. He would also like to build an app to streamline his services and create a great experience for his customers.  The business generates about $200 on a monthly basis and serves mostly students of all age groups. ​​

Media & Milestones

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