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About Abdul
Abdul Dumbuya describes himself as an award-winning social entrepreneur, African Change Maker, a Young African Leader-YALIAN 2018 Alumnus, Social Advocate and Community Mobilizer.
His love for humanity had given him the motivation to engage in entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity to help protect and promote an enabling environment, where the full potential of youths is realized and experienced to all and for all. Abdul has a certificate in Civic Leadership at the Administrative Staff College of Nigeria –ASCON, and he is currently undertaking his Bachelor’s Degree In Law at the University Of Makeni-UNIMAK.

A ginger grind

Concerned Generation Network is a social enterprise geared towards the sustainable production, and packaging of ginger into ginger consumables. The business model dedicates 25% of revenue generated from the sale of ginger powder to supporting community schools and educational projects.

The business also provides solar lights to power homes of students at night in rural communities and has pioneered its own library project. The library project has exposed more than 150 girls and 100 boys to the culture of reading.


Meet Abdul Dumbuya – a Law student at the University of Makeni

Sierra Leone Telegraph


Abdul is the Co-founder of a social enterprise that engages into ginger farming and processes ginger into an economically preservable ginger powder. The powder is sold in sachets and is used to make food products such as ginger drinks and gingerbread by both food businesses and households. The social enterprise uses 25% of its generated revenue to support educational programs (e.g. community libraries, solar power for school children, etc.), which mainly target the children of ginger farmers.


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