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About Abdelouahab
Abdelouahab Toukkart developed his innate strong entrepreneurial skillset from his father. Abdelouahab left university and spent most of his teenage years helping his father while taking up part-time students. Abdelouahab learned much of his entrepreneurial skills from his father, who has a paper manufacturing company. Upon recognizing the significant amount of waste that came from paper manufacturing, Abdelouahab thought of an idea of processing this waste into sweet and baking packaging.

A sweet escape
Isla pack processes used industrial paper. Once the paper has been processed, it is printed on and cut out into various shapes and sizes. The business manufactures candy boxes and prints on demand. While candy boxes have been the most demanded product, the business now also provides baking and cooking wrappings which are quickly growing in demand.

Isla pack services many local bakeries, sweet stores and restaurants. The business supplies over 100 000 boxes monthly.


Anzisha Prize Announces Top 20 Very Young African Entrepreneurs

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The Anzisha Prize (http://www.AnzishaPrize.org/) has revealed its top 20 finalists for 2020. Winners will be announced at this year’s Anzisha Prize Conference on the 27th of October, where the programme will be celebrating 10 years of supporting very young African entrepreneurs.

Anzisha Prize Announces Top 20 Very Young African Entrepreneurs as part of 10th Year Celebration

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This year’s application season saw a record number of 1 200 applicants vying for a chance to join the Anzisha Prize fellowship. From these applications, 20 businesses emerged that were forty-five percent female-owned and represented sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing and education. Young entrepreneurs from Morocco, South Africa and Tanzania displayed impressive ventures that are tackling critical issues within their communities while also turning a profit. Through their businesses and entrepreneurial leadership skills, these job starters are paving a way for other young Africans to pursue entrepreneurship.


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