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Jatropha Soap Production
Domitila Silayo is the founder of Jathropa Soap production, which has helped thousands of Tanzanians fight skin problems like ringworm and dandruff, while turning a healthy profit and creating employment for others in her community.
Kolawole Olajide is the chief developer and co-founder of Funda, an online learning management system that brings together and organizes educational resources, improving lives of teachers, students and corporates in South Africa and beyond.
Diepsloot Youth Projects
Neftaly Malatjie started Diepsloot Youth Projects (DYP) to create progress in the poverty stricken Diepsloot area. DYP focuses on income generating programmes that enable young people to engage in business opportunities to better the community.
Headboy Industries
Ludwick Phofane Marishane is the founder of HeadBoy Industries, which developed and owns the patent for DryBath, the world’s first bath-substituting lotion, focused on serving the African continent.
Green Act
Donald Bambara co-started Green Act, a project that separates trash from recyclables, processes the recyclables into plastic pellets, funds cleaning services on campuses, and educates young people on waste management practices.
Jobs in Nigeria
Temitayo Olufuwa, 21, is the creator of JobsinNigeria, a web-based system that allows users to search, find and apply for new jobs at the click of the mouse or on mobile devices, to reduce frictional unemployment in Nigeria