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The Growth of an Anzisha Entrepreneur! #Thedubchallenge

How have you grown as an entrepreneur?

If you have been on social media lately, you might have come across the #dubchallenge. This is another enjoyable photo sharing craze where individuals post pictures of themselves and how they have visibly grown in beauty and swag over the last several years. Photos range from comparisons of awkward high school days to the elegant and graceful mid-twenties. If you search #dubchallenge on Instagram and Facebook, you are sure to see some impressive transformations.

When a few members of our team considered what the #dubchallenge would mean for them, we couldn’t help but consider what the #dubchallenge would mean for the young entrepreneurs that go through the Anzisha Prize Program. What do they look like before they become Anzisha Prize Fellows and what do they look like after a couple of years in the program.  When compared, it was a fun way to see the growth that our entrepreneurs experience and the different avenues in which that growth is reflected in the success of their businesses.



Have you and your business grown considerably in the last couple of years?

Post a before and after picture of you or your business describing your growth in the last couple of years with the hashtag #TheAnzishaDubChallenge

Twitter: @anzishaprize


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