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Anzisha Fellow Guest Blog: Mahmood Oyewo

More than 6 months have passed since I attended the 2012 Anzisha Final
in Jo’burg. I have been able to achieve some considerable feats due to
what I learned during the 6-day bootcamp. I would love to share some of

– The release of RubiQube Blackberry version –

RubiQube, which was the product I presented in the Anzisha finals has now
launched for the Blackberry device. It was launched just 4 days ago
and can be downloaded from . Prior to the
Anzisha final, we had the Droid version which was what I demoed.
RubiQube is a mobile platform that aggregates many mobile applications
in a single place. The mobile apps instead of been stored on your
phone/devices, are hosted on our server thereby giving you the freedom
to have as many apps as you wish on your mobile phone. My team and I
are happy that Blackberry phone users would now be able to enjoy the
experience RubiQube has to offer.

– My internship at Interswitch Nigeria Ltd, Nigeria’s premier
electronic payment solutions provider – 

I started a 6 month internship 3 days on arrival from South Africa and the
experience I garnered from there was out of this world. I just
recently completed the internship on the 28th of february. What did I learn?
Apart from the additional programming skills(which I had no option but
to be involved in), I also learned how the corporate world works. It
gave me an insight on how to better run my startup. I learned from the
good and the bad of how things operated there. Though, it took lots of
hardwork squeezing my time to run my own company, I can say it really
boosted my confidence and it has made me a better person in my field.

– My interview with, … – 

In this 6 months period, I have been interviewed by about 3 blogs(both
local and int’l). I was recently interviewed by and it
is set to be published anytime next week.
I was also interviewed by last month, and I had a radio
interview with VON (Voice Of Nigeria) which was organized by miss Chi
during her visit to Nigeria last month.

I wouldn’t have been able to achieve all these interesting stuff
without the exposure of the Anzisha Prize. I really appreciate what
ALA and The Mastercard Foundation is doing to bring out the best in
young entrepreneurs across Africa. Keep it going!

— Mahmood Oyewo

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