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Jonathan Paul Katumba is the founder of Minute5, a Uganda based online grocery delivery service that aims to deliver fresh farm foods to customers in the shortest time possible, at the most affordable price.
Biha Eco Venture
Hamidu grew up in a humble family of farmworkers. Being exposed to poverty at a very young age propelled him to harness an insatiable desire to promote positive change in his community.
In 2012, Saudah lost her brother to diarrhoea due to the lack of access to clean water in school. She had...
Vertical and Micro Gardening
Catherine Nalukwago fell into entrepreneurship through her interest in agriculture in Uganda. While at university, she and two other friends wanted...
Union-Ganics (Uganics)
Championing a non-traditional product and business model to tackle Malaria Growing up in an orphanage, Joan often found herself falling ill with Malaria, a disease that remains all too pervasive in her country of Uganda.
Hello Mushrooms U Ltd
Empowering smallholder farmers though mushroom farming Kisseka grew up engaging in peri-urban farming and Uganda and developed a love for agriculture early on.