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SunSweet Solar
Meet George Mtemahanji, an innovative alternative energy entrepreneur, co-founder of SunSweet Solar, which designs, plans, organizes and bring solar energy to rural Tanzania.
Jefren Agrifriend Ltd. Company
Meet Sirjeff, founder of Jefren Afgrifriend Ltd. Company which impacts lives through providing access to a variety of agricultural crops with an emphasis on poultry and vegetable farming. Sirjeff seeks to build a healthy Africa with sufficient high-quality food, higher agricultural inputs, and lower imports.
The Dreamer Center
Fredrick Swai is the founder of The Dreamer Center, an organization that offers local computing and office services such as printing and book binding, as well as youth enrichment programs to help build applicable future job skills, such as computer training.
Waste Value
Faisal Burhan is an inventor extraordinaire who designed and built a gas-producing bio-digester, as well as a powerful microscope for science classes at his local school in Tanzania, using only sheet metal and other basic raw materials.
Let God Be You Foundation
David Mwendele is the founder and Executive Director of the Let God Be You Foundation, an initiative that trains youth to launch their own ventures in book manufacturing, baking, and photography, focused in Tanzania.
Jatropha Soap Production
Domitila Silayo is the founder of Jathropa Soap production, which has helped thousands of Tanzanians fight skin problems like ringworm and dandruff, while turning a healthy profit and creating employment for others in her community.