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A community of Parents of African entrepreneurs


As the likely first supporters and investors of very young entrepreneurs, parents play a critical role in the youth entrepreneurship ecosystem. We recognize that the decision to pursue entrepreneurship can weigh heavily on youth and their parents alike. Join this network and find out how you and other parents can support your child on their entrepreneurial journey.

← WATCH: Very young entrepreneur Ntando Makwela and his mother, Claudia in conversation about their relationship on his entrepreneur journey in South Africa!

Parenting the Boss - Our Book!

We compiled the stories of five very young, African entrepreneurs and their families. Find out more about what it is like to support your child as an entrepreneur from those undertaking that journey!

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Are you ready to explore what it takes to support your child on their entrepreneurial journey? Join this community to share your insights and learn from like-minded individuals!

Anzisha Parent of the Year Award

This annual award seeks to celebrate a “Forgotten Stakeholder” in the life of a very young African entrepreneur. Do you know a parent modeling the kind of support that is enabling the success of their child as an entrepreneur? Tell us about them!

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