Everything we do at Anzisha is to encourage and support very young African entrepreneurs. If you are one - welcome! You have just found your home!

Anzisha Prize Tour

The Anzisha team is always on the road meeting young entrepreneurs like you!

We host the Anzisha Prize Tour events in various different African countries throughout the year and it is a great opportunity to meet potential young entrepreneurs and share their stories.

It Starts with You

The It Starts With You campaign is a 10 episode mini-documentary that explores the stories of 10 very young African entrepreneurs and the key moments in their entrepreneurial journey where they made an important decision or changed their behaviour that contributed to their success.

Watch a short clip on how young entrepreneur Andrew Mapuya became his own boss.

Past Fellows

You are not alone on your entrepreneurial journey. Meet some of our fellows whose businesses and entrepreneurial might be of inspiration for you.

Learn, be inspired and collaborate with some of Africa’s brightest entrepreneurs – they are your peers.

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