Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership

About the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL)

The Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL), underpins our collaborative work with educators and other stakeholders, producing content and tools. The curriculum framework it has developed is called the Entrepreneurial Leadership Learning System, and it is the bedrock of the leadership development experience at ALA.

African Leadership Academy has invested thousands of hours of design, iteration, and testing into a framework that formed the foundation for our youth development model. The emphasis was, and has always been, on creating opportunities to practice leadership and entrepreneurial skills.

Through our Collaborate work, we seek to identify and create partnerships across the continent to accelerate the adoption of experiential learning models, such as exist at ALA. We believe that the content and tools we have developed can be adapted to diverse learning contexts. Please download or request these resources and explore how you could use them in your classroom, program, or school.


Kenza is a platform specifically designed to facilitate resource sharing with external collaborators who are working in the development of education initiatives across Africa and the world.


EcoSIM is a cashless point-of-sale solution developed specifically to enable school and university entrepreneurship economies. One of the initial contributors to this project was Bloomberg Philanthropies. Currently, EcoSIM is a partnership with ALLXS, and is available commercially to any campus.


BUILD-in-a-Box is a portable toolkit that provides content and teaching materials that allow a team of youth facilitators to run a professional two-day entrepreneurial leadership camp aimed at 15-22 year olds.


Anzisha Flitepath is a venture management platform used to manage our interactions with active entrepreneur teams across all our programs. It is a partnership with VentureHive.

Student Enterprise Program

The Student Enterprise Program (SEP) is a complete simulation of a campus-based economy within which to practice entrepreneurship and leadership. It has run at ALA for over 10 years, and is a reference point for entrepreneurship education globally.

The Bakery

The Bakery is a custom software tool, that we built in 2013 and continue to improve, that embeds our model of youth development into a set of data.