Rebecca Samuella Kalokoh 


    About Rebecca

    21-year-old Rebecca is a graduate of the University of Sierra Leone’s Institute of Public Administration and Management. She holds a bacherlor’s degree in Business Administration. An opportunity to participate in a leadership training sparked Rebecca’s desire to start a business. She sees herself as a capable job creator and as a young woman who can succeed even in male-dominated industries.

    Transition into Entrepreneurship

    After experiencing adverse reactions to skin products, Rebecca went searching for solutions online and from her elders. She experimented with different homemade recipes to see how her skin and hair might respond to organic products. Her concoctions got the attention of friends and family, and shortly thereafter, she launched her own business.

    Business Profile

    Rebecca founded Grace Venture Natural Products to provide women and men with organic soaps, creams, and body lotions. The main product offerings are: Wonder Fruit Blacksoap, Fruit Hair Butter, and Combine Fruit Body Oil. Twice a month, Rebecca and her team develop their products using oil extracts from fruits and seeds as well as locally grown herbs such that they have no side effects on skin and hair. The company has a B2B2C business model and supplies five well-known cosmetics shops and supermarkets in Freetown. As demand increases, the Grace Venture Natural Products plans to expand their operations and automate parts of their production line in order to scale up.