Lynnet Muritu​


    About Lynnet

    Hailing from the Kenyan capital, 21-year-old Lynnet is an architecture student with interests ranging from creative design and business to social and economic justice. She envisions a world where Kenyans in low-income communities can acquire means towards social mobility and economic liberation.

    Transition into Entrepreneurship

    Lynnet’s desire to contribute to and transform her community has fueled her entrepreneurial pursuits. At the age of 17, fresh out of high school, she founded a sewing company to help women and mothers in her community earn incomes through the trade. Continuing this trajectory, she set up community-based organizations through which she initiated various youth-focused socio-conscious projects. Subsequently, she founded a venture that would allow her to pursue these social causes through the creative arts.

    Business Profile

    MimiPambo is a venture that produces and sells ready-to-wear earrings, necklaces, and rings. With a mission to dignify and promote Kenyan craftsmanship in jewelry making, the company works with local artisans and developed its first product line in early 2021. Through its e-commerce platform, MimiPambo strives to leverage the growing demand for Afrocentric designs to connect these artisans to markets beyond Nairobi. Additionally, the company’s use of recycled metal reflects a commitment to sustainable, eco-friendly, and socio-conscious style. As the founder, designer, and creative director, Lynnet hopes to grow MimiPambo into a household name in the sustainable jewelry industry and a brand known for centering and celebrating Kenyan designers.