Hamidu Ssonko Biha


    About Hamidu

    Hamidu grew up in a humble family of farmworkers. Being exposed to poverty at a very young age propelled him to harness an insatiable desire to promote positive change in his community. His entrepreneur journey came after dropping out of school when he realized his four siblings had failed to secure jobs after university.

    He decided to make his own path of success and started off by recycling waste into valuable paper that he sold in school. He describes this as the moment which unlocked his entrepreneurial talent and set him up well to realize the value of waste in improving lives.


    So in an eggshell

    Biha Eco Venture is a recycling company that uses poultry eggshells to make various ecofriendly products. Eco-charcoal is repurposed clean energy made from poultry eggshell powder. The product has less carbon and protects consumers from toxic fumes. Eco tiles are also made from egg-shell powder to produce affordable tiles for low-income earners. The business also creates eco fertilizer and eco paint as new products expected to generate significant eco-benefits in Uganda.

    To date, the business has over 2000 people who have used their eco-products.