Baké Faouziyatou Bani


    About Baké Faouziyatou Bani 

    Bake is a 20-year-old entrepreneur from Benin. From an early age, she was interested in agriculture and ensuring people have access to organic and healthy produce. She currently holds a diploma in tropical agricultural studies, nutrition, and food technology. Baké is passionate about entrepreneurship and women empowerment and hopes to encourage Beninese people to view locally farmed produce as something they should invest in. 

    Transition into Entrepreneurship 

    Baké has always been passionate about entrepreneurship. She participated in the Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) course. This program was significant in catalysing her interest in entrepreneurship. While most of her friends chose traditional career paths and interests, Bake was bold to take a risk and start her business. 

    Business Profile 

    Baké is the founder of El Gusto, a company that makes natural fruit juices. The company’s flagship product is a cashew apple juice, flavoured either with lemongrass or pineapple. The business sells its products to both individuals and organizations. The company’s main objective is to make seasonal produce like tomatoes, pineapple, apples and cashews available through fruit juices that can be sold during the off-seasons. Baké hopes that in the coming years, she will expand the manufacturing and distribution process of the business to ensure maximum profits.