Anzisha Ecosim

A safe, cashless economy platform for school and university entrepreneurship programs

A key area of research and development for the Anzisha Prize has been to figure out how best to enable the practice of entrepreneurship on school and university campuses.

ANZISHA ECOSIM is a holistic approach to the enabling infrastructure (technology and processes) for on-campus learning economies. One of the initial contributors to this project at African Leadership Academy was Bloomberg Philanthropies. In its current form, we have brought it to life through a partnership with ALLXS - a leading payments solution for schools and events - and the ANZISHA ECOSIM Module is now available to any of their customers at no cost.

The Anzisha Prize program is eager to support schools who want to adopt the approach and either deploy the ALLXS system with the ECOSIM module, or engage other vendors to guide the development of their own Anzisha ECOSIM modules.

How did we get here?

The evolution of the Anzisha ECOSIM approach took many years. We've put together this infographic that charts the key partnerships, milestones, challenges and decisions since 2014.

What does the ALLXS ECOSIM Module do?

ECOSIM is a set of features, processes and controls added to an existing closed-loop payments system at a school that enable safe trading between student teams, staff, parents and visitors. It can be deployed for single day trade fairs ("market-days") or year-round business simulations. ECOSIM also accelerates financial literacy, giving students exposure to various types of banking access.

The ANZISHA ECOSIM MODULE on ALLXS has the following features:
● PIN secured card, mobile and web wallets for students and visitors
● Online Banking and Point of Sale apps for student-run ventures
● Flexible Student-to-Business and Student-to-Student payments/transfers (P2P)
● Visa/Mastercard support and optional local bank withdrawels integration
● Strong financial controls and approvals for effective governance at the student, vendor and school level.
● Enables all traditional campus cashless requirements (canteen, merchandise sales etc)
The module is the result of over 5 years of research, development & testing from ALA and AllXS. Training and supporting curriculum are available from the Anzisha Prize team.

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