The Anzisha Prize Presents

The Anzisha

A podcast series

What does it take to be an entrepreneur?

The Anzisha Effect is a biweekly podcast series offering a glance into the world of advocacy work within youth entrepreneurship on the African continent. Hear from young entrepreneurs,
their beneficiaries and supporters about what it truly takes to tackle youth unemployment.

#TheAnzishaEffect Episodes

Noah Walakira

Noah Walakira shares how his entrepreneurial journey has been shaped by balancing school work and managing a business.

Daniel Mukisa

Daniel Mukisa is using his business RideLink to create tailor-made transport solutions to SMEs in emerging markets.

Balbina Gulam

Hear how Balbina Gulam uses entrepreneurship to help job seekers become job creators.

Geoffrey Mulei

Geoffrey Mulei is an entrepreneur with a heart for Africa. His business, Inkisha provides free eco-friendly packaging to his consumers in a bid to reduce the nation's carbon footprint.

Wilfred Chege

Wilfred Chege has always been passionate about entrepreneurship and he is using his business Shulemall to provide high-quality study materials to students.

In Conversation With

Hosted by Nolizwe Mhlaba, In Conversation With is a series of discussions created for educators and parents to explore the role of
entrepreneurship in a young person's life as the future of work is rapidly changing.

Ssanyu Sematimba

Ssanyu Sematimba discusses the role of design thinking in education and entrepreneurship

Mopati Morake

African Leadership Academy's Mopati Morake discusses how to be entrepreneurial in any educational setting.

Uzo Agyare-Kumi

The Dean of ALA's Dejen Parents Association, Uzo Agyare-Kumi, shares strategies for preparing children for the future of work.

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