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The Anzisha Prize Fellowship

About the fellowship

In 2018, after a review of our impact, we re-built our fellowship package from the ground up. It is now a suite of services to each Anzisha Fellows that invests in you as individuals as well as your ventures. It is a commitment of support for up to 3 years or the age of 25, whichever comes first.**

"The fellowship agreement is not just about Anzisha's promise to each fellow. It is also about your promise to us, your country and continent. We want you to be a leader of your community and beyond"


** The package options and duration are communicated in detail to each cohort upon their notification as a finalist. The Anzisha Prize reserves the right to change the fellowship package at any time considering available resources and after appropriate consultations.'           

The fellowship package


Access to the Anzisha & ALA community
You will be a part of the Anzisha and ALA community, a pan-African community of 100+ entrepreneurs and 1000+ other leaders – and world class tools like FlitePath.


Introductions & Promotion
Anzisha has a wide network of stakeholders and business experts. We can help you connect with people you believe could help you improve and grow, as well as find customers and partnerships. We will also provide you with a free website if you need one to promote your business.


Access to other programs and conferences
Anzisha is well-connected with other fellowship opportunities and conferences, and can open your doors to them. Anzisha can also recommend and nominate you for these opportunities.


One-on-one sessions with the Anzisha Team
You can have one-on-one meetings and calls with the Anzisha team to discuss issues and opportunities related to your business and individual wellbeing.


Access to finance and accounting support.
Anzisha is connected with investors who are interested in investing in young entrepreneurs and start-ups and will run annual events to match investment ready fellows with investors. We have also launched a matching fund in 2019 to incentivize potential investors, and will provide you with free accounting software for the duration of your fellowship.


Shadow an Entrepreneur
An opportunity to shadow successful entrepreneurs in your sector and learn important industry and business development related practices. This will give you ideas and tools to improve your management and operations.


Your own Consultant
Anzisha can help you diagnose problems that your business is facing, and provide you with technical solutions by sending a professional consultant to work with on a particular issue for a short engagement.


Travel support for fellows in school
Anzisha will offer travel support to the fellows who run business while studying in another country for two years or more. The trip will be granted once every two years per fellow, to ensure they keep their business running.