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It Starts With You

At the age of 16, Andrew started his business with just $14 in capital. By 2010, he had registered his new company which eventually became the first local registered paper bag and envelope producing company in Uganda. In 2017, he raised US$500 000 in capital.

Watch and learn from the stories of young entrepreneurial trail-blazers such as Andrew and learn from their experiences.

It Starts With You is a 10 episode mini-documentary series that explores the stories of 10 very young African entrepreneurs and the key moments in their entrepreneurial journey where they made an important decision or changed their behaviour which contributed to their success. These ten stories have been chosen because of the passion, commitment, drive and grit that these young people have exhibited in their pursuit of a different career path.

Our hope is that these stories will also encourage other young Africans to pursue the same as they watch relatable role models who are representative of who they are. In addition, these stories will encourage communities to accept entrepreneurship as a respectable career choice for young Africans.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, investor, policy-maker or educator, these stories will resonate with you. All you have to do is Start Now. Start your entrepreneurship journey now, support young entrepreneurs in your community now, start investing in young entrepreneurs now.

#ItStartsWithYou Stories


A Call to Investors

Although there is a rising appetite among young Africans to run a business and become their own boss, a majority of these young people cannot find investment/ capital to grow their businesses.

Watch as Ugandan entrepreneur, Andrew Mpuya narrates his journey to raising money for his business.  Gather learnings and insights from his experiences by downloading the accompanying case study that deep dives into his motivations and obstacles.


Choosing Agriculture as a Career

Agriculture has an unglamorous image across Africa. Many young Africans would rather pursue a traditional career or
become a tech entrepreneur rather than pursue farming.

Watch Ignatius as he shows that there are young Africans who have decided to pursue agriculture regardless of other people’s perceptions. These young people are doing so and succeeding while inspiring others to do the same.


Becoming an Agriculture Entrepreneur

After starting multiple other businesses as a young entrepreneurs, Karidas decided that he wanted the road less travelled by his peers by pursuing a successful career in agriculture.

He is an example of how young Africans need to stop thinking negatively about agriculture and start viewing it as a revenue-generating and job-creating opportunity throughout all our communities.

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Redefining the Pathway to Success

Growing up in Ivory Coast, Ben Aziz realised that there were boundless opportunities for him to venture into the world of entrepreneurship. Although there weren't many to look up to who had pursued this path, he decided he had to try so that he could show others how it is done.

Watch Ben Aziz as he tells the story of how he defied the odds and now runs an agriculture business that employs over 15 people  within his community.