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It Starts with You

The It Starts With You campaign is a 10 episode mini-documentary that explores the stories of 10 very young African entrepreneurs and the key moments in their entrepreneurial journey where they made an important decision or changed their behaviour that contributed to their success. We tell these stories to encourage other young Africans to pursue the entrepreneurship path and to understand some of the challenges and successes that young entrepreneurs face.

We also want to encourage communities to accept entrepreneurship as a respectable career choice for young Africans. The stories of these young trail-blazers will show  individuals and communities that entrepreneurship can be viewed as respectable as any other traditional career path. 

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, investor, policy-maker or educator, these stories will resonate with you. All you have to do is Start Now. Start your entrepreneurship journey now, support young entrepreneurs in your community now, start investing in young entrepreneurs now.

A call to Investors - #ItStartsWithYou

Although there is a rising appetite among young Africans to run a business and become their own boss, a majority of these young people cannot find investment/ capital to grow their businesses.

Watch as Ugandan entrepreneur, Andrew Mpuya narrates his journey to raising money for his business.

This is a 1-minute promo. The full movie will be released in 2020. Contact us to get it screened at your school and engage in the case study!

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