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The Anzisha Scenario

The future we imagine

About the Anzisha Scenario

The #AnzishaScenario is a campaign by the Anzisha Prize in which we imagine a future where, in response to the challenge of youth unemployment, young Africans of high potential choose entrepreneurship as a career.

The #AnzishaScenario is not a predetermined outcome: it is a desired one. Before determining practical recommendations of how to achieve this vision, it is necessary to understand the current reality, and then consider the feasibility of the Anzisha Scenario by identifying drivers, barriers, and opportunities.

#AnzishaScenario workshops across the continent!

In March 2019, we introduced the #AnzishaScenario to an array of individuals and organizations, primarily from the South African entrepreneurship and education ecosystems. Drawing on their varied roles or experiences as young entrepreneurs, educators, investors, or incubators, participants together explored what drivers, barriers, and opportunities might exist on the path to actualizing the Anzisha Scenario.

The diversity of voices and perspectives in the room enriched the conversation and helped to expand our creative thinking as a group.


We aim to foster a pan-African, multi-stakeholder dialogue around the Anzisha Scenario by facilitating 3-4 workshops in different regions of the continent between now and September 2019.

Pledges from past participants!

Workshop attendees pledged to do their part to enable very young entrepreneurs and, thus, contribute to actualizing the Anzisha Scenario.

What will you do to support young African entrepreneurs?

Think: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely actions.


Partners and Organisations that have contributed to the Anzisha Scenario Research

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