Anzisha Prize Unveils Four Grand Prize Winners, Each Awarded $10,000 for Outstanding Achievements 

  • Tsanta Rakotoarimanga, Madagascar, founder of Mapwess awarded Revenue Growth Prize 
  • Rebecca Taboukouna, Togo, founder of RBK Pearls awarded Job Creation Prize 
  • Renata Silva, Angola, founder of RS Clothing awarded Storytelling Prize 
  • Mahefarivo Andrianarinoa, Madagascar, founder of Coufe awarded Systems of Delivery Prize 

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA, 24 August 2023 –  The Anzisha Prize, a three-year fellowship program supporting young African entrepreneurs, proudly announces the four grand prize winners at the Anzisha Prize Gala Awards. These remarkable young entrepreneurs from Togo, Madagascar, and Angola have demonstrated exceptional achievements in industries such as education, fashion, and manufacturing. 

“Representing Madagascar on the international stage through this prestigious entrepreneurship competition has been an immense honor,” said Tsantatiana Rakotoarimanga, winner of the revenue growth award. “Our team at Dream Study Agency is truly proud of our accomplishments and excited for the future.” 

After an extensive selection process in 2021, the four grand prize winners who will receive $10 000 each have spent the last two years refining and improving their business models, exemplifying dedication, resilience, and forward-thinking entrepreneurship. 

  • Tsantatiana Rakotoarimanga, winner of Revenue Growth award, founder of Dream Study Agency, is revolutionizing education in Madagascar with his visionary service, Mapwess. Dream Study Agency guides students through the complex process of applying to international universities, opening doors to global educational opportunities. 
  • Rebecca Taboukouna, founder of RBK Pearls from Togo, is the winner of the Job Creation award. She has created jobs for young women and young people under 25. RBK Pearls manufactures and sells a range of beaded accessories.  
  • Renata Silva from Angola, founder of RS Clothing Brand, winner of the Storytelling prize. RS Clothing Brand is a clothing line that offers quality, fashionable, and affordable attire for young individuals aged 15-25. 
  • Mahefarivo Andrianarinoa a social entrepreneur from Madagascar, founder of Coufé, is the winner of the Systems of Delivery prize. Coufé is a social enterprise that produces customizable clothing, such as T-shirts and women’s tops, embroidered by prisoners and ex-prisoners in Malagasy. 

To find out more about what tactics these entrepreneurs implemented to be eligible to win the grand prizes, watch The Journey – a four part series that followed their entrepreneurial journeys. 

These entrepreneurs have not only excelled in their industries but have also created tangible impact in their communities through job creation, innovative storytelling, efficient systems, and sustainable growth. 

“When we transitioned to a three-year fellowship program we were intentional about recognizing achievement over time. We wanted to celebrate big and small milestones, says Josh Adler, Chief Program Officer, African Leadership Academy “Our 2021 cohort are the first of this new programming and has showcased their innovation and creativity in tackling specific growth areas in their business. The entrepreneurs have continuously shown that they can rise to the challenge when given an opportunity.” 

The announcement of the winners took place at the Entrepreneurship Education Summit in Africa, where key stakeholders engaged in discussions on entrepreneurship and education. The summit provided a platform for industry leaders, educators, and young entrepreneurs to exchange ideas and foster collaboration. The Anzisha Prize is proud to celebrate the remarkable accomplishments of these four grand prize winners and all the young entrepreneurs who participated in this year’s competition. Their dedication, resilience, and innovative thinking serve as a testament to the immense potential of Africa’s youth. 

Three-year fellowship 

The Anzisha Prize is a 3-year fellowship program that supports the growth of young entrepreneurs and recognises and incentivises their achievements. The program equips young people with the tools and resources needed to run successful businesses. Through an individual and collective entrepreneurial development journey, the fellowship focus on key areas of support in business development and leadership. 

Applications are now open for young people who aspire to become Anzisha fellows, offering them a chance to join a vibrant community of like-minded individuals dedicated to making a difference. For more information, visit