Anzisha Prize / elea Foundation Partnership

African Leadership Academy and Anzisha Prize are happy to announce our partnership with elea Foundation. As an active philanthropic impact investor, the elea Foundation supports impact entrepreneurs and their ventures in the post-startup and growth phase in combining long-term economic success with sustainable, measurable impact. This partnership will broadened our combined efforts in supporting young African leaders in entrepreneurial education.  
elea contributions will fall under three pillars: 

  • elea will act as a collaborative partner on the topic of entrepreneurialism and be the inaugural member of the Entrepreneurship & Investment Council. 
  • An expert-in-residency will serve as a bridge to the investor world and advise the ALA team, their students, and Anzisha fellows. 
  • Support of The Anzisha Prize, an ALA initiative that seeks to significantly increase the number of job-generative entrepreneurs in Africa by identifying, training, and connecting ambitious, very young entrepreneurs under 23 years with leadership potential to run successful businesses. 

We look forward to working with the elea foundation team and their expert contributions on this multi-year partnership. 

For more information on the elea Foundation click here.