Celebrate 10 years of the Anzisha Prize on October 27th

Join us as we announce this year’s Anzisha Prize winners while looking back at the last ten years and re-imagining the future of supporting very young entrepreneurs in Africa

Register today and see who will win the 2020 Anzisha Prize: anzisha.org/top20

By: Sisanda Ntshinga

Over the last ten years, the Anzisha Prize has seen over 142 young entrepreneurs pursue their businesses through the program. This year, not only will we crown the $25 000 grand prize winner, but we also look forward to celebrating our shared achievements with the fellows over the past decade. Although we are doing things differently this year by going virtual, we are excited it will allow for more people to attend from all over the globe.

This year the conference will focus on looking back on the last ten years, to help plan for the future and see how the movement of very young entrepreneurs can increase.

“It is really an evening for cross-collaboration amongst key stakeholders and the celebration of young entrepreneurs who dared to go against the norm by choosing entrepreneurship.”

The event promises to be an exciting and immersive experience that will allow guests to contribute to the important conversations within the youth entrepreneurship movement. It will share how very young business owners are building sustainable solutions that are helping their communities and focusing on reshaping the landscape of entrepreneurship on the continent.

The Anzisha Prize has grown immensely over the last ten years and has added more opportunities to ensure the growth of businesses owned by very young entrepreneurs. With four portfolio managers in the organisation that have an entrepreneurial background, they not only come with a theoretical viewpoint but the practical aspects that come with running a business as well. They have ensured entrepreneurs are supported with a holistic approach through programmes like the shadow programme where very young business owners can shadow another entrepreneur and learn from them on a one on one basis.

Why you should come

You’ll have a unique opportunity to meet and interact with the top 20 at the 2020 Anzisha Prize Awards virtual event. Although social distancing means we can’t convene in person as we’ve done in the past, the event opens up new, exciting avenues to truly become globally accessible without geographic boundaries limiting attendance. We hope access to a wider audience will build a stronger community of support for young people who decide to become entrepreneurs.

Now more than ever, we have seen the importance of developing an entrepreneurial mindset at an early age.

At this immersive event and in the next few weeks leading up to it, we’ll share everything we know about supporting young entrepreneurs in Africa. We will:

  • Share past achievements from the program;
  • Celebrate great successes that are already making a difference; and 
  • Discuss next steps in amplifying a future that encourages young people to choose entrepreneurship.

We’re delighted to invite you to join the movement! Register today and see who will win the 2020 Anzisha Prize: anzisha.org/top20