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Anzisha Prize launches mini-documentary series to enable educators around the world to share African entrepreneurship success stories

Educators can now share the journeys of very young African entrepreneurs in the #ItStartsWithYou series that highlights key moments that led to their success 26 August 2020 – Today sees the launch of a new mini documentary and case study series about very young African entrepreneurs designed to enable high school and university educators to…

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5 ways young entrepreneurs are surviving during a crisis

By: Lionel Tarumbwa As feelings of fear, anxiety, and depression escalate among young entrepreneurs, they have found ways to keep their balance during the crisis. These challenges are likely to rise more in young entrepreneurs who took the leap of faith into the entrepreneurial path. What like top-notch, solid air-tight business plans before the crisis…

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10 Ways to Encourage Very Young People To be Entrepreneurs

By: Lionel Tarumbwa Young people can be encouraged and inspired towards entrepreneurship the same way they have been traditionally inspired towards careers such as engineering, medicine or accounting. With a growing young population and high unemployment, it is important to encourage more young people to take entrepreneurship as a career to fully harness Africa’s demographic…

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