Here is a glimpse into the 2020 Anzisha Prize applications

Every year we open up our applications portal and receive hundreds of applications from very young entrepreneurs across the continent. Although it has been 10 years of celebrating Africa’s youngest entrepreneurs, each year becomes more exciting than the last. Here is a quick look into our most successful application season yet! 

This year, we received 1015 applications which is the highest number we have received in the last four years.

The diversity in language representation is similar to previous years. English applications were the highest at 84%. French and Arabic applications have decreased as a percentage but have increased in absolute numbers.

Majority of applications are between the ages of 21 or 22. With 128 applications under 15. 26 sectors were represented this year with the top applications being represented in Agriculture and Fashion. Education, Business Services and IT continue to be front runners for very young entrepreneurs.

2020 has seen an increase in applications from North and Southern Africa. Excitingly, Comoros made it’s first entry into the competition. For more information visit