Anzisha Startup Idea Matrix 2.0

It may be the case that your child or learners have expressed a desire to explore entrepreneurship, but face one problem: They haven’t yet found an idea that they are very excited to work on for a considerable number of years.

This may be due to a number of potential issues- including lack of exposure to industries or even actual businesses that are in the industries they are interested in. Doing some structured exploration can help as a first step to unlock creativity.

The Startup Idea Matrix was initially developed by Chris Dixon. It works by plotting industries (or sub-sections of one industry) e.g. Agriculture against the specific tactics used by some startups in that industry. e.g. “Make existing product better through using technology”.  Inserting specific startups where the industry and tactic coincide begins to create a picture of what businesses exist in that industry, and some of the tactics they use. There is no limit to the number of businesses that you can plot, and you can use any format you are comfortable with (e.g. board, stick it notes, pen and paper). You can read and download the  updated Anzisha Startup Idea Matrix in PDF and instructions on how to use below:

   Click here to access the full updated matrix in Google Sheets. 

The Anzisha Startup Idea Matrix was first created in 2017, showing patterns in the sectors and opportunities that young entrepreneurs in the fellowship were taking up. We have now updated the matrix with some new Anzisha fellow businesses.  You can use this tool at home or in the classroom. Get exploring!