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Young African Entrepreneurs and the Next 6000 Days.

Africa will need to massively and rapidly scale up its investment in entrepreneurial youth if it is to have a chance to seize the demographic opportunity – time is running out. The demographic window is closing in just 6000 days for a number of African countries. by Sihle Magubane, Editor, The Anzisha Effect   Job…

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Finding a space between poverty alleviation and high growth– a model for youth enterprise development in South Africa

by Jocelyn Smith Adapted from dissertation submitted to School of Governance, University of the Witwatersrand in fulfillment of MM-Dissertation, March 2018. Introduction Interventions promoting youth entrepreneurship in South Africa assume that there is a central role for entrepreneurship in confronting a range of development challenges. Principal among such assumptions is the belief that entrepreneurship offers…

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The Informal Economy & Very Young Entrepreneurs

The Editor, Sihle Magubane, Interviewed Bayabulela Jolobe, a South African Enterprise development practitioner to explore the informal economy and the involvement of young people in it. He gives tips to parents and educators of very young entrepreneurs on how to best support them.   Sihle Magubane (SM) : What is the informal economy and what…

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