Unleashing Africa’s Agricultural Entrepreneurs: Tony Elumelu Foundation

The agriculture sector represents Africa’s greatest opportunity to drive inclusive, sustainable
growth, and one of the few sectors with the potential to lift millions out of poverty and forever change
the continent’s path to development.

But in order to achieve this, there must be a deliberate widespread shift from basic subsistence agriculture that is prevalent on the continent to more productive farming business operations that leverage functions in information and  communications technology (ICT), processing, manufacturing and industry.

This report from the Tony Elumelu Foundation outlines the potential in the agricultural sector, showcases some of the agricultural entrepreneurs in the Foundation and presents  survey results from agricultural entrepreneurs from 28 African Countries.

How do we make the agricultural opportunity a real option for very young entrepreneurs ? How do we create an enabling environment for very young entrepreneurs to thrive in this sector? Contact us with your ideas and insights.


Click here to access the report from the TEF Foundation website:  http://www.tonyelumelufoundation.org/research-publications/