May 2017 Newsletter

Anzisha Prize Monthly Digest

May 2017 Edition

Warm greetings from Johannesburg,

We hope that you have all been doing well. It’s unbelievable but we are almost half way through the year.  This means that we are in the thick of reading applications and calling semi-finalists in order to select our top 15. We can’t wait to announce them to the rest of the world.

This past month, we were able to host an Experts in Residence session on Business Growth through Marketing and Sales for our Anzisha Fellows. This session was hosted by Zanele Modiba who has over a decade of marketing strategy and personal development experience.

To catch up on the work that we are doing, please make sure to read the rest of this newsletter for more updates, Anzisha opinion articles and some exciting opportunities that you may share with the young people that you work with.

With gratitude,
The Anzisha Prize Team

Thought Leadership from the Team
Every month we share resources, reports, articles and various content that you may use within your various programs. Please see below content written by our team:
1. Website Basics: A step by step guide on how to build your own website: Often times, people are convinced that creating a website is difficult. This is true but the internet has created many quick tips, processes and templates that make it easier to do it on your own. The Anzisha Prize recently encouraged the young entrepreneurs that they work with to learn how to create their own websites.
2. How 25 year old co-founder of PrepClass secured a third of a million USD: Earlier this May, 25 year old Chukwuwezam Obanor, 2014 Anzisha Fellow and co- founder of notified us of his latest selection into the GSMA Ecosystem Accelerator Innovation Fund. Selection into this program for Chukwuwezam means grant funding of roughly 1/3 of a million dollars, technical assistance for his enterprise and the opportunity to partner with mobile operators in Nigeria to scale Prep Class into a sustainable business which continues to achieve a socio-economic impact as it was created to.   Read more…
3. Choosing the Right Small Business Incubation Program as an African Entrepreneur: In 1959, in an industrial warehouse in Batavia, New York, the first “official” business incubator was created by one Joseph Mancuso. Since then the idea has exploded globally in an era where new ideas that can be translated into viable businesses are crucial in sustaining our future. Read more…
4. Anzisha Fellows in Expert Session on How to Create a Disruption-Proof Brand: Two weeks ago, Anzisha Fellows were in conversation with renowned marketer, brand manager and entrepreneur, Zanele Mobida, in an Expert-in-Residence session titled “Business Growth through Effective Marketing and Sales.” Expert-in-Residence sessions are hosted at African Leadership Academy as part of the Youth Entrepreneur Support Unit offerings in support of entrepreneurs. The sessions bring together youth entrepreneurs whose businesses are scaling with experts in select fields that will enable the entrepreneurs to unlock value in their businesses. Read more…

5. Ivorienne Entrepreneur’s Triumph and Innovations in Agriculture: N’Guessan Koffi Jacques Olivier, who was born to a farming family in Dabouyo, Ivory Coast, has a naturally strong love of the soil. He has a knack for achieving rich and prosperous harvests which inspired him to start-up “Yaletite”. Read more…
6. Global Speakers Circuit: Thato Kgatlhanye serves as panelist for the Oxford Africa Conference: From May 18 to May 20, 2017 Thato Kgatlhanye had the opportunity to travel to London for the Oxford Africa Conference sponsored by her Anzisha Fellowship. Thato shares her experience with us. Read more…
Youth Entrepreneurship Support Organisation Spotlight

Centre des Jeunes Dirigeants D’enterprise (CJD) SenegalThe Centre des Jeunes Dirigeants D’enterprise (CJD) Senegal is a labor movement that brings together Entrepreneurs and Senior Executives. It assists leaders and entrepreneurs in their mission by analysing the heart of their business strategy and by offering advise on the development of responsible, viable and sustainable structures.

To promote new ideas and to make new enterprises both more competitive and sustainable. Also, to assist young leaders  improve their personal performance and that of their companies. Read more here.

Partner with us to run an Entrepreneurial Leadership Camp in your African Country
BUILD-in-a-Box camps are two day entrepreneurial leadership camps that are peer-led by ALA students. The camps are based on BUILD, a unique curriculum framework for teaching youth entrepreneurship as a way of fighting unemployment and engaging youth to lead solutions to local problems. We are currently looking for partners who would like to host a BUILD-in-a-Box camp in their home countries.Please complete this form if you would be interested in becoming a BIAB partner or know another organisation that would be.

The picture on the left is from a BUILD-in-a-Box camp that was run, lead and taught by three ALA students from Morocco.

Anzisha Prize Fellows Spotlight
Chukwuwezam Obanor is a 2014 Anzisha Fellow who was recently selected for the GSMA Accelerator Innovation Camp which awards business owners in Africa and Asia funding and access to a business accelerator. Chukwuwezam has been awarded 322,000 USD equivalent for his venture. Learn more about Chukwuwezam’s latest win here.
Congratulations to Mabel Suglo who was awared the “Rising Star Award” at the Ye! Confererence.  The selection committee had this to say about Mabel: “The jury was very impressed by her achievement as a young business leader and the business’ social impact. We are glad to have such an inspiring entrepreneur in our network!”
From May 18 to May 20, 2017 Thato Kgatlhanye had the opportunity to travel to London for the Oxford Africa Conference sponsored by her Anzisha Fellowship. Thato shares her experience with the world. Read more…
Opportunities for Youth
1. African Changemakers Fellowship Program
Do you want to get connected to Africa’s most innovative thinkers and organizations, from technology giants to hot new startups social enterprise? Do you want to be a game-changer in supporting Africa rising within? Do you want to be exposure to the incredible diversity of social enterprise world views, and 54 Africa countries local experiences?Then African Changemakers Fellowship Program is a must for you to apply, mark the date on your calendar as we unveil the application form for registration on May 31, 2017. Please share with your network and any African between the ages of 21-35 years old. Remember also to connect with us on social media.• The application open May 31, 2017, midnight GMT+0
• The application closes June 30, 2017, midnight GMT+0

Get more details on African Changemakers at website:
#ACFellowship   #ACFellow2018    #AfricanChangemakers  #ChangemakerLead

2. Vote for Yellow Shea for the Hong Kong Polytechnic University Global Student Challenge 2017 – Online Voting of the Best of the Best Commercial Award
This year one of African Leadership Academy’s student enterprises, “Yellow Shea”, has been nominated for an award in Hong Kong. Help them win the best commercial award for the upcoming Global Student Entrepreneurship Challenge. Yellow Shea is currently competing with nineteen other top entrepreneurship schools around the world for the secondary school division category.   Also share the link with all your contacts on social media. Yellow Shea is a student enterprise that offers natural hair products that are also 100% natural.Please, click on the following link and follow the instructions. Select only Yellow Shea.