Senegalese Woman Entrepreneur Transforms Trash to Treasure

Yaye Souadou Fall

Overwhelming scientific evidence shows that climate change has been created by mankind. Unfortunately, the poor global south, including Africa, will bear the brunt of the climate change effects, notably political and social unrest. The time has become ripe for entrepreneurs like Yaye Souadou who founded E-Cover  in a bid to recycle tires and other plastic polluting her community.

The 21-year old Senegalese woman proficient in five languages has extensive knowledge on recycling and other environmental technologies, having had a passion for them since a much younger age. E-Cover repurposes tires into useful products such as shoe soles, softer tiles for swimming pools, courtyards and terraces, and floor coverings for swimming pools. The gap in the market was obvious for Yaye, who noticed the prolific tire waste in Senegal and the effects this litter had on the environment. “Senegal is not known for its waste disposal culture and if tires were recycled, it was only for their metal content. There is so much more one can use old tires for,” said Yaye.

As the C.E.O, Soudaou presently employs 6 people. She is responsible for the marketing and the management of her business. Her impact goes beyond the employment opportunities she offers. Many businesses, sport centers, and individuals in several municipalities are benefiting from the eco-friendly products her venture offers. Her products are used in the development of urban roads, have reduced the carbon footprint of the communities, increased import substitution, and offers companies opportunities to fulfill their Corporate Social Responsibilities.

In the next five years, she hopes to diversify into other forms of plastic waste which can be re-purposed into alternative uses like in 3-D printing and clothing.