March 2017 Newsletter

Anzisha Prize Monthly Digest

March 2017 Edition


Warm greetings from Johannesburg,

And just like that, the Anzisha applications have closed. We had a fantastic journey through this year’s application season and hope that we found some special entrepreneurs during our amazing trips to Sudan, Tunisia, Botswana, Angola, Malawi, Liberia and Kenya. We received a record number of 831 applications from across the African continent, the number of female applications went up from 27% to 36% and we look forward to reading all of them!

For more interesting data about the applications season, take a look at an extract of our applications infographic below and follow this LINK to view more. As April begins, we are excited to move into the selection process of the program. We will keep you informed on this year’s top 15 finalists!


With gratitude,

The Anzisha Team


Thought Leadership from the Team

Every month we share resources, reports, articles and various content that you may use within your various programs. Please see below content written by our team:

1. Tips for Navigating a Conference Fruitfully: There are many opportunities for entrepreneurs and organisations to attend conferences and gatherings of all sorts these days. They are generally viewed as beneficial to participate in. But have you ever felt like you just lost two days, plus travel time, plus the cost of a flight and hotel, and have nothing to show for it after travelling to a conference? Read more…

2. Anzisha Insights from the Prize Tour Trail: Why do young Kenyan entrepreneurs thrive?: During this year’s Anzisha Prize tour, two of our team members, Lerato and Melissa, travelled to Nairobi to encourage young Kenyans to apply for the Anzisha Prize and develop partnership with local youth entrepreneurship support organisations. From the moment that they landed at the Jomo Kenyatta airport, it was evident why the Anzisha Prize constantly receives quality applications from Kenya each year. There was a buzz in the city and an exciting energy that was encouraging and sets an example for the direction in which other African countries should be striving towards if they want their young entrepreneurs to thrive. Read more…

3. Anzisha Insights From the Prize Tour Trail: Are there young entrepreneurs from Liberia?: When the Anzisha team travelled to Liberia, we had the intention of finding young entrepreneurs to apply for the Prize. Since the inception of the prize, applications from Liberia have been few and far between. We were eager to immerse ourselves in the Liberian entrepreneurial culture and share the Anzisha Prize opportunity with young Liberians. After a few days of trying to schedule meetings with youth entrepreneurial support organisations it was evident that the subject of entrepreneurship is not at the top of the Liberian agenda. Read more…

4. Anzisha Prize winner sees business grow over four-fold after winning the Prize: Last year, the Anzisha Prize judges ploughed through 550 promising applications from 32 African countries to shortlist 12 finalists, and then to crown the ultimate winner of Africa’s prestigious youth entrepreneurship prize. It was a first for both Madagascar and for then 22-year old Hertiaina Randriamananatahina. Learn more about his success since. Read more…

5. Anzisha Insights From the Prize Tour Trail: Igniting entrepreneurship by example featuring Sudan and Impact Hub: We made a few changes to the Anzisha Prize Tour experience, which have definitely allowed our experience on the ground to be more fruitful. This year, we hosted a business ideation session instead of just an informational session about the Anzisha Prize and sponsored one of our Anzisha Fellows to join us in our travels to spread the word about Anzisha. Read more…

6. Anzisha Insights from the Prize Tour Trail – The Entrepreneurial Botswana: Botswana is a land-locked country in Southern Africa with a population of about 2 million people, a sustained economic growth rate averaging 5% in the last decade and the 2nd strongest currency in Southern Africa, after Zambia. A country sustained by mining and agriculture, which according to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor’s (GEM) 2016 report, also has high entrepreneurial activity, listed 3rd out of 65 countries. The high perceptions of entrepreneurship by the young Batswanan’s was evident at our Anzisha Prize tour entrepreneurship event in March 2017. Read more…


Youth Entrepreneurship Support Organisation Spotlight

Global Minimum

Global Minimum Inc (GMin) is a charitable international organization that encourages young innovators and leaders in Africa to engage with critical thinking skills and hands-on learning programs to tackle challenges affecting their communities. GMin provides enabling tools, safe spaces, workshops, mentorship, resources and network, ultimately equipping young people in Africa with unique opportunities to take their future into their own hands. We currently work with young people age 15-20 in Sierra Leone, Kenya, and previously in South Africa.


Anzisha Prize Fellows Spotlight

Congratulations to five Anzisha Fellows who were selected to be on “Africa’s 30 most promising entrepreneurs in Africa in 2017” list. They are: Last year’s Grand Prize winner, Randriarimanana Tahina Eritina; 2016 Anzisha Fellow, Issam Darui; 2015 Anzisha Fellow, George B. Mtemahanji; 2011 Anzisha Fellow, Amr Sohby; 2012 Anzisha Fellow, Mubarak Muyika. Learn more about who made it onto this list this year here.
Chris Kwekowe, 2015 Anzisha Fellow hosted a session sharing his experiences with Startup Grind Lagos this past week which reeled in x guests for the day long event. Learn more about the event and Chris’s participation here.
Andrew Mupuya, 2011 Fellow was recognized by estartup, an online publication website for starting Uganda’s first paper bag company. Learn more about Andrew’s journey as a pioneer in Uganda here.
Congratulations to Asha Abbas for her selection as one of the award winners of the Malaika wa nguvu  2017 award. Malaika wa nguvu translates to “Brave Queen.” She has been selected for this award because of  what aurateen has been doing for the Tanzanian community. She will be crowned and given the award this coming Saturday!

Opportunities for Youth

1. Amua Accelerator

Amua accelerator is a six-month mentorship driven acceleration project supporting young entrepreneurs with seed funding, training and skills development. The project is geared to generate innovative solutions to sexual and reproductive health related challenges.The project is implemented with United Nation Population Fund (UNFPA) in collaboration with Sahara Sparks.Learn more about entering their competition here.

2. Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition 

This global platform empowers young entrepreneurs (age 15-35) from around the world to engage in a more peaceful world. Participants are invited to submit their innovative ideas and projects with a societal impact, which champion and implement one or more of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).  The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and 169 related targets address the most important social, economic, environmental, health and governance challenges of our time.

Learn more here.

3. Bridge for Billions

Have a business idea? Not sure how to get started? Our online incubation programs provide you with the sequential business development process you need to grow your venture one step at a time. With an intuitive online workspace and structured one-to-one mentorship, there’s never been a better time to become an entrepreneur. Learn more here.

4. Watson U 
Watson U is an incubator-university specifically designed for the world’s most promising young social entrepreneurs, located in Boulder. Learn more on how to apply here.

5. Westerwelle Foundation Young Founders Program
Learn more about how to attend their fully funded conference here.