Young CEO invents navigational technology for the blind

Twenty-two-year-old Khaled Shady is the Egyptian entrepreneur behind Mubser, an invention that assists the blind and visually impaired to identify and navigate around everyday objects.

Khaled Shady

Khaled Shady is the co-founder and CEO of Mubser

Shady’s inspiration behind creating Mubser came from wanting to help a close friend who lost his eyesight in an accident at the age of 15. “So I thought about how I can help him,” Shady told How we made it in Africa.

Together with three other computer engineering graduates from Menoufia University in Egypt’s Shebin El-Kom, a wearable device was created that uses RGB imaging and infrared depth data captured by a 3D depth camera to assist individuals to navigate around obstacles using a system of vibration motors. The device is also able to recognise staircases, doors and chairs and can name these objects to the wearer through a Bluetooth-connected headset.

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