Anzisha Prize launches new country partner program

We’re excited to launch a completely new approach to partnerships for 2014. From next year, the Anzisha Prize team will work with dedicated country partners in each region to promote the opportunity and engage other organisations as well as the media to join in the search. Partners will sign agreements, and commit themselves to hosting events and supporting our marketing efforts via their own social media channels.

A renewed effort on media partnerships, with a particular focus on radio, will also see a shift in 2014 to see if we can extend our reach. Radio station partners are currently being engaged for support in the 2014 campaign.

Youth organisations are encouraged to contact us and explore how we can support your work with youth entrepreneurs through our efforts at the Anzisha Prize. NGO partners are provided with limited financial support for Anzisha-related activities where necessary and invitations to the gala awards ceremony in September.

“We cannot conduct a truly pan-African search or claim to be a truly pan-Africa award without the support of youth organisations across the continent who are working directly with teenage entrepreneurs.”, says Josh Adler, Director at African Leadership Academy’s Centre for Entrepreneurial Leadership, “We hope to have 25 partners join us this year from every corner of Africa, and have big plans for the partner program in the future.”