Calling For All Renewable Energy Projects!

The Anzisha Prize – Africa’s foremost entrepreneurial awards which reward young African entrepreneurs – has now included a $10 000 USD Energy Prize in addition to the $75 000 USD in cash prizes already up for grabs.

The award has been made possible thanks to the Donor Circle for Africa, a group of Silicon Valley Community Foundation donors supporting individuals and non-profit organisations committed to making a difference to improve the lives of the people in their community.

The $10,000 Energy Prize supplement to the Anzisha Prize will be awarded to an applicant who demonstrates ingenuity in developing sustainable renewable energy sources.

Qualifications for a winning project are that:

  • It provides an affordable, sustainable source of energy generation. Energy can be based on any type of renewable resource such as wind, solar, geo-thermal, bio-sources, water and others.
  • It is locally sustainable. The project must be built, operated, and maintained by the people and resources available in the community it serves.
  • It has applicability in a broad range of communities across Africa. While the project must be locally sustainable, the resources and technology must not be so unique that it cannot be replicated. Other communities could implement the model given access to reasonably common resources.
  • It is innovative either in the technology (a new or more efficient way of producing power) or in the application (adapting methods or technology to generate or store power in a new way).

With more than $75 000 USD in cash prizes, the Anzisha Prize – hosted by the African Leadership Academy in partnership with The MasterCard Foundation – celebrates initiative and innovation. It identifies exceptional young entrepreneurs who are leading by example and underscores their ability to significantly shape the future of Africa.

The Anzisha Prize is open to entrepreneurs from around the African continent aged between 15 and 22. Applications are now open and close on April 1, 2013. Entry forms are available online, via mobile phone and in print.


  1. Dear Sir/Madam


    I am rearing small livestock and farming. I need money to buy assets like tractors and irrigation materials.I will really pay back the monies or help others young entrepreneurs to grow from grassroots level as per sale and cost plan projects

    kind regards

    Tobias Nhamo