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Read Our Latest Report Unlocking Africa's Hidden Job Creators

Over the past ten years, in partnership with ALA and Mastercard Foundation, we have sought to build an ecosystem that drives entrepreneurship and economic growth through young people. In this pursuit, we’ve just completed an exciting piece of work that reflects on the lessons we have learned from supporting 142 very young entrepreneurs building businesses across Africa since 2010. These businesses have created over 2,500 jobs - with 60% of these going to peers under 25 years old. 

The Anzisha Prize Program is a partnership between African Leadership Academy and Mastercard Foundation that seeks to fundamentally and significantly increase the number of very young job generative entrepreneurs in Africa.


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Meet our Entrepreneurs

Every year, we select Africa's youngest entrepreneurs who are running successful businesses and going against the grain. Read some of their stories below and be inspired by very young business owners who are examples of the future of work on the continent.

Meet the Very Young Entrepreneurs Who are Reshaping the Future of Employment


Our recent report "Unlocking Africa's Hidden Job Creators" sheds light on 11 critical lessons on youth entrepreneurship in Africa. Lesson 1 shows how young entrepreneurs are creating jobs for other young people. Africa's youth unemployment is the highest in the world at 60%, could these young entrepreneurs be our beacon of hope?


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17 February

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30 March

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30 July

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30 August

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