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Announcing Our Top 20 Anzisha Prize Finalists

We have revealed our top 20 finalists for 2020! Click on the link below to read their profiles and follow their journeys. Winners will be announced at this year’s Anzisha Prize Awards show on the 27th of October, where we will be celebrating 10 years of supporting very young entrepreneurs.

The link bellow also allows you to egister to see who will win a no-strings-attached $25 000 Grand Prize to grow their business.

The Anzisha Prize Program is a partnership between African Leadership Academy and Mastercard Foundation that seeks to fundamentally and significantly increase the number of very young job generative entrepreneurs in Africa.


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Meet our Entrepreneurs

Every year, we select Africa's youngest entrepreneurs who are running successful businesses and going against the grain. Read some of their stories below and be inspired by very young business owners who are examples of the future of work on the continent.

Watch our Stories

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, investor, policy-maker or educator, our stories will resonate with you. All you have to do is Start Now. Start your entrepreneurship journey now, support young entrepreneurs in your community now, start investing in young entrepreneurs now.

Watch Ignatius below as he shows that there are young Africans who have decided to pursue agriculture regardless of other people’s perceptions. These young people are doing so and succeeding while inspiring others to do the same.


Applications open

17 February

Applications close

30 March

Evaluation of applications

Due diligence

30 July

Finalists announced

30 August

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