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Mohamed El Idrysy

Health Solutions INC
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Mohamed describes himself as a curious mind and a believer in bringing patient-centred healthcare to his community. In his analysis of the medical establishment in Morocco, Mohamed found that while medical professionals had the requisite technical medical knowledge, they often lacked soft skills needed to deliver a holistic and positive patient experience.

Mohamed therefore founded a venture to bridge this skills gap. Health Solutions INC is a company that provides soft skills training for health professionals in areas such as communication, leadership and critical thinking. Mohamed believes that equipping health professionals with these additional competencies will greatly elevate the quality of care provided to patients. His signature training program, Step Out, helps professionals address their intellectual, social, physical and ethical growth as it relates to the practice of medicine.

In its first year of operation, Health Solutions INC has trained over 200 medical students, engaged 30+ trainers, and interacted with 800 patients.

In the next 5 years, Mohamed and his team are looking to scale up training to medical schools across North Africa and build an e-learning platform providing soft skill courses that are well adapted to the needs of health professionals.

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